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NYC       wildflowers

Native plants are an important part of nature; even in the Big Apple. Celebrate New York City's wildflowers at live events, learn in online presentations and explore with video and photo tours. All are welcome!

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Why Wildflowers?

Indigenous plants like our ferns, shrubs and sedges play a critical role in promoting local biodiversity, supplying food and habitat for native wildlife, and creating a sense of place.

NYC has already lost more than 40% of our native flora. 


Get Out and Explore!

Every May, NYC Wildflower Week collaborates with our partners to offer programs that educate New Yorkers and support native plants in the five boroughs.

Founding Sponsor - Con Edison

Con Edison has a longstanding goal of achieving environmental excellence. The company supports organizations that share its concern for preserving and protecting the environment through conservation and beautification projects. We recognize the importance of work keyed to conservancy, recycling, reclamation efforts, and mitigation of pollution.

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"In some Native languages the term for 'plants' translates to 'those who take care of us.'” - Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Land Acknowledgement

Lenapehoking is the ancestral homeland of the Lenni Lenape people. As we work on their unceded land, we acknowledge Lenape past, present, and future relationships with their territory.

Considering the centuries of oppression and violence against Indigenous peoples, we invite you to join us in paying rent to the American Indian Community House through their Manna-hata Fund

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