Who We Are & What We Do

NYC Wildflower Week presents a full week of free events to showcase the 53,000 acres of open space and 778 native plants in NYC's 5 boroughs. The goal of the week is simple: to encourage New Yorkers to get to know the nature in their own back yard and to inspire them to protect this natural heritage for future generations.

Hiking in Forest


NYC Wildflower Week connects people to their local environments and inspires New Yorkers to create a landscape that is sustainable, beautiful and ecologically sound. It is the largest celebration of National Wildflower Week, an initiative begun by Lady Bird Johnson.

Community Garden

A National Collaboration

We are excited to be taking our message and mission to the national stage.  We’ve teamed with Project Noah and the National Wildlife Federation to host  Nature Block Party, a celebration of National Urban Biodiversity Week. Cities including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles are offering events that engage urban dwellers with local nature. Learn more at natureblockparty.org




Working with the community to create greener spaces for all to enjoy.



Empowering sustainable choices for all New York.

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Biodiversity and ecological awareness creates a better tomorrow. 



Embracing native plant life and biodiversity embraces your health.

Meet the Team


Mariellé Anzelone

Executive Director, Founder

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Jill Bressler

Creative Director, Founder

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Cindy Kridle

Marketing Director, Founder

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Hugh Reed

Program Coordinator

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Nina Wheeler-Chalfin

Program Coordinator

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Hosted by the Torrey Botanical Society

NYC Wildflower Week is hosted by the Torrey Botanical Society as a way to re-engage New Yorkers with the natural heritage so beloved by our namesake, John Torrey. 

The Society promotes the exploration and study of plant life, with particular focus on the flora of the New York City metro area. Today, it fosters and supports floristic curiosity through indoor meetings (lectures), outdoor meetings (plant walks), fellowships that support graduate study, and publications. For more information: www.torreybotanical.org

For More Info

To learn more about the Torrey Botanical Society, click HERE.


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Image by John Dean

Collaborators: Christopher Conway, GreenT Digital and Elizabeth Daggar, Electrofork

Special thanks to: Becky Hrdy, Treasurer, Torrey Botanical Society